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    We design, plan and manage events

How On Earth?

Unique Event Planning Tailored For You

We start by listening to you and really getting to grips with what it is you want. The look you want to achieve, the marquee you want to party in, the locally sourced food you want to eat, the fresh flowers you want to see and smell and the live music you want to dance to.

We’ll help you create something organic and original whilst also recreating some things you’ve seen (with your own twist on it). We’ll help organise bespoke entertainment and activities for your guests and also the accommodation for you and them to stay in. This could be an intimate alfresco dinner the night before or yoga and cooking classes for a wind down the day after.

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  • R&C
    Ed was simply fantastic. From our first consultation, he was enthusiastic, creative and forthcoming with amazing ideas to make sure our day was unforgettable. His accurate and detailed drawings brought everything to life, from the overall creative vision to the finer logistic details. Always responding to questions in a timely manner, he never left us in the dark when planning our big day. He had such a lasting impression on us that we invited him to the wedding!!
  • A&C
    From our very first meeting Ed totally understood the wedding day we wanted to create! Unlike other companies we had spoken to it wasn’t “no we don’t have that”  it was “ no problem, we can source it for you.” He was always available to discuss the smallest of details and was so easy to talk to. We would thoroughly recommend him to look after your special day.
  • S&R
    Thank you so much for everything you did to make the reception at our wedding so perfect! the marquee looked unbelievable on the day and Ed you were amazing throughout the evening, helping ensure it all went smoothly. We can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm, patience and dedication to make sure everything was up in time & looking fab!
  • R&D
    The smooth running of the day and amazing attention to detail was thanks to you. We really appreciate your positivity throughout the whole process. The outside service, to church service to party in the marquee was seemless. Thank you for everything you did. Here are a few photos to remind you of the day. Hopefully we will see you at some weddings/parties in the future
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    Our Event Planning Process

The Natural Order of Things

We start by listening to you and really getting to grips with what it is you want.

At Human Nature Events, we create charming rural weddings, luxury parties, custom wilderness retreats and business events with a wild edge.

Leave it all to us. Our huge experience in designing events from scratch means your dreams are our reality.

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Where on Earth?

Sourcing Your Location

First we need a pretty patch of land. If you haven’t got any, don’t worry – we do!

After a chat over the phone we’ll meet you there for a site visit.

Here we walk the course and show you how we work with the surroundings to create something unforgettable.

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What On Earth?

Designing & Planning Your Event

Then the creative process begins!

We get on the horn to all our event friends and build something bespoke and wonderful.

Everyone’s got a budget and we’ll make sure we keep within it by shopping around.

Venue Hire

Design & budget proposal

Setting The Scene

Once we’ve put together an all-encompassing design and budget proposal we’ll meet up again so you can tear it apart.

As part of our unique design process, we’ll also create tailored floor plans and visual designs so that you can see exactly what your event will look like.

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Sit Back, Relax

Managing Your Event

After weeks and months (sometimes years!) of designing and refining it’s time to pitch your tent!

In the words of a very off-topic film, we’ll “be the first to set foot on the field and the last to step off”, leaving no groggy guest behind.

We’ll oversee and get stuck in on the setup and look after everything while you’re having the time of your life.

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Our Nature-Friendly
Approach to Event Planning

Experience natural beauty by taking a wild and wonderful approach to event planning.

Why settle for an industrial setting when you can escape to the country and soak up stunning scenery.

At Human Nature Events we also pride ourselves on taking a more environmentally friendly approach to event planning and are working to reduce our impact on the planet.

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    Event Planning Experts

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

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Frequently Asked

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

During these tricky times, this is an important question. We will give full refunds if you have to cancel more than 6 weeks before your event. We’re afraid we can’t promise the same for all other suppliers. This is why it’s important to take out wedding insurance and always try to postpone rather than cancel - there’s always another reason for a party on the horizon!

How do you adhere to current Covid Restrictions?

We are event professionals that have worked in events throughout the pandemic. This means we’re in tune and always up to date with ever-evolving government guidance and health standards. We’ll advise on what needs to be done to keep your event and guests safe. We adhere to the EIF/DCMS COVID-19 Performing Arts reopening guidelines, understand the guidance from Public Health England and have a COVID-19 Risk Assessment in place. To show this we hold the We’re Good to Go industry-standard mark.

How Do You Manage the event budget?

You need to let us know how much you’d like to spend and what elements that would need to cover (we’ll talk you through all of them). We then go shopping to find the best value for money, always keeping you updated with plans and itemised costings.

Can You Cope WIth Last minute changes or emergency situations?

Yes definitely. Although we try to see any potential issues before they arrive and have back up plans ready to go.

Will you keep me updated on my event plans, and how?

Constantly. We will always be in contact via email and phone and will most likely have a number of in-person catch-ups also.

What efforts do you make to keep events environmentally friendly?

We shop local and ensure all our supplier friends share our values. We will encourage you to use environmentally friendly hybrid generators and have a multitude of tips on how you can reduce the impact of your event.

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